Best Club Person

W.H. Sutton Memorial Trophy

Harry Sutton joined the Hampton Cricket Club in the mid-1950s at a time when the club was descending to one of the lowest points in its history. A few people stood between the club and extinction at that time and prominent among those was Harry Sutton.

As President he used his great people skills to galvanise support for a rebuilding program and laid the foundations for the modern club. Among other things he presided over the club’s expansion from two to four teams and the introduction of junior cricket to Hampton for the first time.  After his retirement he remained an enthusiastic organiser of the Hampton past players group. The Harry Sutton trophy was established in the 1976-77 season in recognition of his outstanding contribution at such a critical point in the Club’s history and is awarded to the person who makes an outstanding contribution to the running of the club during the season.

Previous Winners

1976-77Jim Kenny 1977-78Fred Housden
1978-79Terry Nasser 1979-80Mrs Jo Cooper
1980-81Ray Cooper 1981-82Jim Chernikeeff
1982-83Russell Cooper1983-84Vince Palamara
1984-85Bernard Bryant1985-86Len Manzie
1986-87Steve St Clair1987-88Glen Powell
1988-89Jim Kenny1989-90Doug Powell
1990-91Peter Wright1991-92Mark Curry
1992-93Greg Hamer1993-94Justin Curry
1994-95Len Manzie1995-96Greg Hamer
1996-97Mat Kenny1997-98Dallas Voss
1998-99Len Manzie 1999-00Bernard Bryant
2000-01Bernard Bryant2001-02Max Grimmer
2002-03Danielle Gillbee 2003-04Anthony Gillbee
2004-05Anthony Gillbee2005-06Paul Bowden
2006-07Mat Kenny2007-08Jim Kenny
2008-09James Heywood2009-10Mark Anderson
2010-11Ben Kezilas2011-12Dallas Voss
2012-13Glenn Finkelde2013-14Andy Gooden
2014-15Rebecca Greenwood2015-16Samantha Goold
2016-17Craig Nott2017-18David Lever    
2018-19Peter Wright2019-20Craig Punshon
2020-21Chris Smith2021-22Michael Curtis