Junior Club Champion

J. M. Kenny Shield

Although only directly involved at the Club for a little over a decade, John Kenny’s influence at Hampton was profound. He was one of a small group of club members who initially saved and later rebuilt the club during the late 1950’s and early 1960s. John was the driving force behind many initiatives including the establishment of the Hampton juniors, developing the now famous “statistical reviews” and undertaking extensive research on the Club’s early history. Apart from his contibution to the Club’s administration he was also a fine opening batsmen in the successful teams of the 1960s, a part time left arm spinner and a classic cover fieldsmen.

The Junior Club Champion has been won by some extremely talented players. Many of these have gone on to become very capable players at the Club and several have played District 1st or 2nd XI cricket. The award has been dominated by the Ferguson brothers, Clint and Justin, who between them were successful on eight occasions, a record which is unlikely to be matched.

Previous Winners

1963-64John Manzie1964-65Russell Spurrell
1965-66Michael Brinkman1966-67Keith De Looze
1967-68Glen Housden1968-69Glen Housden
1969-70Glen Housden1970-71Gary Nash
1971-72John Charalambous1972-73Anthony Curry
1973-74Peter Clark1974-75Brian Marshall
1975-76Peter Clark1976-77Viv Charalambous
1977-78Andrew Dove1978-79Darren Patmore
1979-80David Phelan1980-81Clint Ferguson
1981-82Jason Jacoby1982-83Paul Chernikeeff
1983-84Paul Chernikeeff1984-85Clint Ferguson
1985-86Clint Ferguson1986-87Justin Ferguson
1987-88Justin Ferguson1988-89Justin Ferguson
1989-90Justin Ferguson1990-91Justin Ferguson
1991-92Luke Tregear1992-93Luke Tregear
1993-94Dallas Voss1994-95Dallas Voss
1995-96Nicholas O’Byrne1996-97John Oakley
1997-98Nicholas O’Byrne1998-99Nicholas O’Byrne
1999-00Leigh Fletcher2000-01Cam Christiansen
2001-02Julian Bethell2002-03Daniel Atkins
2003-04Tom Curry2004-05Nick Wynne
2005-06Tom Curry2006-07Matthew Hooy
2007-08Tim de Munk2008-09Guy McPherson
2009-10Hamish Scully2010-11Michael Parsons
2011-12Tom Yorgy2012-13Max Flynn
2013-14Max Flynn2014-15Will Bowden
2015-16Luke Travers2016-17Hugo Lay
2017-18Louis McAsey2018-19Ben Hemmingway
2019-20Fletcher Hall2020-21Jamie Delaney
2021-22Jake Fix

Award Criteria

All players from all junior grades are eligible for the Junior Club Championship. Points are awarded for performance over the home and away season on the basis of:

  • 1 point per run
  • 12 points per wicket
  • 5 points per catch
  • Stumping 5 points
  • Run out (assisted) 5 points each player – (unassisted) 10 points