Junior Policies



Hampton Cricket Club (HCC) is committed to placing junior players in a team that is appropriate for their skill level and development, while taking into consideration their age, ability, team balance and friendship group to provide a safe and enjoyable playing environment. 

This policy should be read in conjunction with HCC’s Code of Conduct, HCC’s commitment to Australian Cricket’s Looking After our Kids Code of Behaviour, Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Australian Cricket’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People


As South East Cricket Association (SECA) is a graded competition, HCC aims to ensure players are playing at a level that is appropriate for their skill level and development so they can enjoy the game and improve their cricket. Player welfare and safety is also an important consideration to ensure players are not at risk of injury by playing at a level that does not match their abilities. The allocation of players to junior teams at HCC will consider the following: 

  • Age 
  • Ability 
  • Playing Experience 
  • Team balance 
  • Friendship Groups (particularly for the lower age groups and lower grades) 



U12 Rookies – Minimum 7 players. Maximum 9-10 players. 

U12A – Minimum 11 players. Maximum 12 players. 

U12B – Minimum 11 players. Maximum 13 players. 

U12C – Minimum 9 players. Maximum 11 players. 

U14A/B/C – Minimum 11 players. Maximum 13 players. 

U15 Turf – Minimum 11 players. Maximum 15 players. 

U16A/B/C – Minimum 11 players. Maximum 13 players. 


U12 Girls – Minimum 5 players. Ideally 7 players. Maximum 9 players.  

U14C Girls – Minimum 5 players. Ideally 7 players. Maximum 9 players. 

U14A/B Girls – Minimum 7 players. Ideally 9 players. Maximum 11 players. 

U17A/B Girls – Minimum 7 players. Ideally 10 players. Maximum 11 players 


U12 Rookies  

No grading. Team formation based on friendship groups and ensuring we have enough players in each team to meet the minimum playing requirements. 

U12, U14 & U16 

Where there are enough players deemed to have the appropriate skill level and experience, HCC will look to field an ‘A Grade’ team. Having A Grade teams provides an opportunity for players who wish to develop their skills and understanding of the game against players/teams of similar standard. A grade teams also allows opportunity for players that have ambitions to play representative cricket to be nominated, try out and be selected in representative teams.  

For all grades team selection will be made after consideration of the criteria outlined below. The teams will be announced prior to the first game. The first 2 games will be considered a grading period and minor changes may be made to teams. After this point no changes should be made unless a team is short of players. Any queries with respect to individual player selection can be raised with the relevant age level co-ordinator and/or the Junior co-ordinator. Participation in the grading process will be voluntary and open to all players eligible in the age group. 

A Grade  

Team selection will be based on the following criteria: 

  • Pre-season training performance 
  • Pre-season practice matches 
  • Opinion of current season coach and age level co-ordinator 
  • Previous season’s statistics 
  • Previous season’s coach’s opinion 
  • Team balance (batsmen, bowlers, keeper) 
  • Player’s attitude 
  • Availability to play majority of games and attend training 
  • Player’s age* 

*Preference in U12A for 2nd year U12 players 

B Grade  

Where there is no A Grade team in an age group team selection will be based on the selection criteria for A Grade. When we have a significant number of boys trying out for A Grade teams, those player’s missing out will be selected in the B Grade team should they wish to play. Otherwise, team selection for B Grade and below will try to ensure a balance between playing ability and friendship groups. HCC aims to ensure players are playing at a level that is appropriate for their abilities and skill development, and playing with friends where possible to maximise their enjoyment of cricket. 

Team selection will be based on the following criteria: 

  • Trying out for A Grade teams 
  • Ability – previous season stats and coach’s feedback 
  • Playing Experience 
  • Friendship Groups  
  • Ensuring minimum/maximum player numbers per team are met 

C Grade  

There is no formal grading process for C Grade teams and below. Team formation will be based around friendship groups and the coach/age co-ordinator view on the appropriate grade for the skill level within the team. 


The coaches and age-level co-ordinator reserve the right to move players between the teams when appropriate. Generally, player movement will be in the first few weeks of the season to finalise team formation. However, it may be appropriate to make changes due to team balance and player availability at other times. The decision to allow this is at the coaches’ and age co-ordinators discretion. 


The HCC was established to identify young players (existing seniors and U16’s) with the talent and potential to play senior cricket in the higher grades in the next 3-4 years. This initiative was started by the club to develop talented junior players and help position HCC for more on-field success in the future. The program involves indoor and outdoor training sessions with specialist coaches. The cost of these sessions is covered by the club. 

Criteria for invitation to the HCC Academy is as follows: 

  • Performances at senior and junior level 
  • Likelihood of reaching at least the 2nd XI within 3 seasons 


This policy will be reviewed annually, and HCC undertakes to seek views, comments and suggestions from children, parents, staff and volunteers involved with the club. 

KEY CONTACTS (2023/24) 

Junior Cricket Manager – Michael Curtis (0428 648 738) 

Girls Cricket co-ordinator – Martine Harris (0400 591 327) 

U16 Age level co-ordinator – Simon Power (0403 602 786) 

U14 Age level co-ordinator – Dave Taylor (0431 587 018) 

U12 Age level co-ordinator – James Birt (0408 693 964)