Most Improved Player

Alan Broadbent Award

Alan joined Hampton in 1981 at the age of 45 and began a wonderful career with the club, which saw him make over 1,000 runs and complete just on 350 dismissals in 255 games. At various times he assumed the role of President, Secretary, Vice President and was a member of the General Committee for many years. Even when he held no formal office he would give generously of his time and was always a source of wise counsel, not only in relation to club matters but at a personal level as well. As a cricketer Broadie never made it to the First Eleven but will be remembered as one of the most courageous players to don the blue and gold cap. He took many blows to his body both batting and keeping; he wore these many bruises as badges of honour and his regular visits to the Sandy Hospital casualty department became legendary.

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