Best 1st XI Player

Max Grimmer Award

Inaugurated in 2000-01, the rationale for this trophy was that the ultimate recognition comes from one’s peers and it was agreed that players in the 1st XI would award votes on a 3-2-1 basis for their best player after each game. This award is highly regarded by the players. The naming of this award was seen as an excellent way in which to acknowledge and commemorate the contribution made to the club by Max Grimmer.

Previous Winners

2000-01Sam Kenny2001-02Mat Pearson
2002-03Darren Docksey 2003-04Sam Kenny 
2004-05J Green, D Docksey, J Kenny2005-06Dale Towler 
2006-07Darren Docksey 2007-08Joel Crouch 
2008-09Darren Docksey 2009-10Peter Walters 
2010-11Ryan West2011-12James Hawley 
2012-13James Hawley  2013-14Jon Carpenter 
2014-15Joel Crouch 2015-16Liam Smith
2016-17Kiran Carlson2017-18Jack Murphy 
2018-19Daniel Forbes 2019-20Daniel Forbes
2020-21Daniel Forbes 2021-22Charlie Ross

Max Grimmer

Max Grimmer started his career in 1958-59 and his on-field contribution can be explained only partly in his impressive statistics – Over 350 games, over 3000 runs and a sensational 750+ wickets. He has also been a highly regarded captain of both the 1st XI and 2nd XI, with a reputation for astute tactical judgement, an uncompromising attitude to success, but with an ability to get the best out of most players. His trophy cabinet contains many examples of the bowling averages he has won, plus many other visible reminders of his on-field skills, including the highly-prized Killara Medal.

Max’s off-field contribution has also extended to being Chairman of Selectors on many occasions and preparation of the David Street wicket. Above all, Max has always been an astute adviser on almost every aspect of cricket and his opinion has been as highly-valued as it has been sought. His contribution to the Club was recognised in the award of Life Membership some years ago, as well as the Harry Sutton Trophy in 2001-02.