Outstanding Wicket-Keeping

Len Manzie Award

This trophy was inaugurated in the 1997-98 season to acknowledge Len Manzie’s contribution to the Club. It was decided that Len’s contribution should be acknowledged with a perpetual trophy for wicket-keeping achievements, on two grounds. Besides being Len’s first love (he started at the Club in 1961 as a wicket-keeper/batsman), it was the one area of the game which had been unrecognised with a trophy. 

Previous Winners

1997-98Adrian Voss1998-99Matt Kenny 
1999-00Daniel Anderson 2000-01Daniel Anderson 
2001-02Nick Evans 2002-03Nick Evans 
2003-04Anthony Quon 2004-05Anthony Quon 
2005-06Nick Evans 2006-07Joe Kenny 
2007-08Anthony Quon 2008-09Anthony Quon 
2009-10Anthony Quon 2010-11Michael Reidy 
2011-12Nick Evans 2012-13Davy Smith 
2013-14Glenn Finkelde2014-15Anthony Quon
2015-16Anthony Quon 2016-17Jack Smart
2017-18Mick Reidy 2018-19Adam Smith 
2019-20Jamie Delaney2020-21Michael Reidy
2021-22Jarrod Munday

Len Manzie

Len commenced his career in 1961, and despite having been absent from the club for some years, became the first player to reach the coveted 400-game milestone in the 2004/05 season.  During his career, Len has scored over 5000 runs, with a highest score of 91* and completed 300+ dismissals.  After abandoning his wicket-keeping role some years ago, Len confounded everybody by re-inventing himself as a bowler! Not only did he win a 6th eleven bowling average one season, but his unconventional bowling action has seen the end of over 50 batsmen to date – so much for the unimaginative captains who refused to give him a bowl, and those who said he would never take a wicket!

Whilst Len has made a great contribution on the field, this pales into insignificance when compared to his off-field activities.  Len has at times been Secretary, Treasurer and committee-man for many years, all of which duties he discharged without fuss, but with great commitment and competence.  Len has won the Harry Sutton Trophy for Best Clubman three times, but, such has been his contribution in so many ways (and over such a lengthy period of time), there would have been little complaint from anybody if it had been awarded to Len every year. Perhaps the only aspect of Len which exceeds his contribution to the club is his personality – he has a generous nature, a wonderful sense of fair play, a great sense of humour and is genuinely respected by all who are, or have been, at the club during Len’s time.