Club Champion

W H H (Bill) Costelloe Shield

Bill Costelloe was one of the most significant figures in Hampton’s long history. He joined the club when it reformed after the First World War and remained a force as both a player and administrator for the next 30 years. He was a fine cricketer in his own right having captained the 1st XI for a number of seasons and winning the 1st XI batting and bowling averages several times, including the double in 1937-38 and 1938-39. 

However, he is probably best remembered as Hampton’s foremost administrator of that era. He served as President of the club for many years but also filled numerous other roles including curator, social organiser, correspondent, association delegate and selector. He was the cornerstone of the club for over a quarter of a century.

Past Winners

1957-58Fergie Anderson1958-59Kevin Gleeson
1959-60George Jackson1960-61Ron Patterson
1961-62Michael Eddy1962-63George Jackson
1963-64Geoff Evans1964-65Ron Cameron
1965-66Adrian Davies1966-67Robert Kilkenny
1967-68Ray Cooper1968-69George Jackson
1969-70Kevin Burrington1970-71John Wintle
1971-72Ray Cooper/Barry Reddie1972-73Ian Cooper
1973-74Rod Tregear1974-75Russ Cooper
1975-76Peter Neville1976-77Peter Wright
1977-78Glen Housden1978-79Bob Christie
1979-80Peter Neville1980-81Bob Christie
1981-82John McCulloch1982-83Barry Hewet
1983-84Peter Neville1984-85Mark Grimmer
1985-86Chris Rose1986-87Bob Christie
1987-88John McCreery1988-89Michael Mclean
1989-90Craig Kernick1990-91Clint Ferguson
1991-92Matthew Luckie1992-93Craig Kernick
1993-94Craig Kernick1994-95Peter Neville
1995-96Craig Kernick1996-97Joe Kenny
1997-98Andrew Dove1998-99Sam Kenny
1999-00Darren O’Brien2000-01Sam Kenny
2001-02Sam Kenny2002-03Dale Towler
2003-04Sam Kenny2004-05Tim Siemering
2005-06Lachlan Batt2006-07Darren Docksey
2007-08Joel Crouch2008-09Sam Kenny
2009-10Mark Grimmer2010-11Shane Rogers
2011-12James Hawley2012-13James Hawley
2013-14Jon Carpenter2014-15Ryan Pringle
2015-16Will Cohen2016-17Jaye Green
2017-18Jack Murphy2018-19Daniel Forbes
2019-20Daniel Forbes2020-21Daniel Forbes
2021-22Charlie Ross

Award Criteria

Criteria for the award of points for the club championship is:

  • Run 1 point
  • Wicket 12 points
  • Catch 5 points
  • Stumping 5 points
  • Run out (assisted) 5 points each player – (unassisted) 10 points

To reflect the difference in standard between grades, the points earned are discounted as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd XI – Full value
  • 3rd and 4th XI – Full value less 10%
  • 5th and 6th XI – Full value less 20%.