J T Kenny Killara Medal

The Killara Medal was established in 1975-76 to reward the outstanding team player as determined by the captains in senior elevens and the Junior Manager in junior elevens.  Votes are awarded for each game on a 3-2-1 basis to recognise effort and endeavour, rather than for statistical achievements.  During the 1987-88 season the award was renamed the ‘J T Kenny Killara’ as a lasting reminder of the tireless efforts of Jim Kenny, including playing over 300 games and lengthy periods of service in many areas.

Previous Winners

1975-76Mark Sarau
1976-77Neil Hope
1977-78Brian PascoeRobyn Collins
1978-79Graeme DewhurstFiona Breen
1979-80Clint NugentRyan MurphyJenny Ambrose
1980-81Phil FarrellyMark BlakeLeigh McNamara
1981-82Gary NashPaul ChernikeeffRobyn Collins
1982-83Arthur Poole / John WintleMichael McleanKaren Grimmer  
1983-84Michael CollinsClint FergusonLeigh McNamara
1984-85Mark GrimmerClint FergusonKaren Grimmer
1985-86John GarnerJohn Curry
1986-87Tim SiemeringJustin Ferguson
1987-88Max GrimmerJohn Curry
1988-89Michael McleanHeath Tregear
1989-90Peter DerrickPaul Little
1990-91Clint FergusonLuke Tregear
1991-92Matt LuckieJacob Peterson / Alex Laragy
1992-93Craig KernickJames Gatos
1993-94Tim SiemeringBen McLeod
1994-95Paul ChernikeeffDallas Voss / Ben Mcleod
1995-96Matt ChernikeeffJames Heywood
1996-97Rob CottleJohn Oakley
1997-98Max Grimmer / Graeme WebberAlex Crisp
1998-99Sam KennyDavid Kezilas / Andrew Ross
1999-00Peter Sedunary / Dale TowlerTom MItchell
2000-01Simon GreenCam Christiansen / Tom Muratore
2001-02Mark VaughanTom Curry
2002-03Dale TowlerTom Muratore
2003-04Sam KennyNot Awarded
2004-05Matt WardellNot Awarded
2005-06Leigh FletcherNot Awarded
2006-07Darren O’BrienMatt Hooy / VladFloca
2007-08Joel CrouchHamish Scully
2008-09Ben RidgewayTim Witherow
2009-10Mark GrimmerRiley Gozzard / Blake Parsons
2010-11Ryan WestEd Gooden
2011-12James HawleyJames Cowie / Michael FitzGerald 
2012-13 James HawleyHamish Dick / Devan Nicholls / Luke Nixon-Smith / Blake Parsons
2013-14   Shane Rogers / Jon CarpenterTom Maginness
2014-15Rod RaeTom Marron
2015-16Shane RogersLuke Travers / Tom McGuiness / Jack Smart
2016-17Jonathan WhelanAlex Pitman
2017-18Stuart MillsLouis McAsey
2018-19Harry AllenBen Hemmingway
2019-20Jeremy LawlorJack Gilmour 
2020-21 Charlie RossBen Montgomery
2021-22Jonathan CarstensHenry Feast

J T (Jim) Kenny

Jim Kenny is truly one of the club’s greatest players and was the first to reach 300 games. Starting in 1959-60, Jim amassed 349 games, scored 8,675 runs with a top score of 149, took 36 wickets and completed 199 dismissals. Some would argue that all this was achieved with scant attention to training! Jim’s classical batting technique, coupled with his deep understanding of the game, equipped him to be a successful junior coach later in his career. His off-field contribution included many years as Secretary and further periods as a committee member, and in more recent times, ‘The Godfather’ to whom many have turned for sound advice.