With the home and away season now completed for the Junior mixed and girls teams, our attention turns to finals commencing today. Hampton has 6 teams that have made the finals and we congratulate all involved and wish them luck over the coming weeks.

Finals Schedule

16B North               Friday                      East Sandringham v Hampton                           Away                            R.G Chisholm Reserve

14B North               Friday                      Ormond v Hampton                                            Away                            Caulfield Park (Oval 5)

14B Central            Friday                      Cheltenham v Hampton                                     Away                             Shipstone Reserve

12C Central            Saturday                 Hampton v Washington Park                             Home                            Castlefield

12C Sunday            Sunday                   Hampton 1 v South Caulfield                             Home                            Castlefield

12C Sunday            Sunday                   South Melb v Hampton 2                                   Away                              J.L Murphy Reserve

Be great to see senior and junior players/parents supporting our teams at these grounds this weekend and next as all finals are two day games


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